What are Sainik schools ?

Sainik Schools are India's premier Schools which come under the control of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. These schools are engaged in imparting high-quality education and training to students to help them become responsible, disciplined citizens and prepare them for excellence in all aspects of their life. There primary objective is to prepare cadets for NDA, however students are free to choose any career stream.

Where are Sainik schools?

Sainik schools are located pan India. Originally, there were 33 Sainik schools; however, the government aims to open 100 new Sainik schools under public-private-partnership model. Most of these schools are residential; however, some of the new Sainik schools are also day schools. Below is the official list of 33 Sainik schools. 

old sainik schools New sainik schools

Admissions into Sainik Schools

Sainik Schools takes admissions at class 6 and class 9 level. Admissions are given on basis of performance of the candidates in All India Sainik School Entrance Examination(AISSEE) conducted by National Testing Agency(NTA). Entrance exam is followed by a medical test, after which students are given admissions. Currently, admission to girls are given only at class 6 level while boys can apply at both class 6 and 9 level. Click on the link below for detailed information on eligibility criteria and examination pattern.

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Can civilians take admissions into them?

Yes, Admissions are given via entrance examination. 25% seats are reserved for defence personnels while 75% are open for civilians.

Can girls take admissions into them?

Yes, from 2021, 10% seats are reserved for girls. Currently, girls are permitted admissions only in class 6th while class 9th admissions are still for boys only.

When is the right time to start the preparation for its entrance exam?

Since it is a quite competitive examination, it requires minimum 1 year dedicated preparation to ensure selection. For more robust preparation 2 year preparation is also recommended.

My child is having specticles is he eligible for admission?

Myopia should not exceed minus 1.5 D
Hypermetropia should not exceed plus 2.5 D

Is there any merit based scholarship?

There are center and state scholarship based on the income level of parents. Defence ministry also provides scholarships to the wards of its personnel. Please contact specific school for more details on scholarship.

What is the fees of Sainik school?

Fees varies from school to school, however it ranges from Rs. 1,50,000 - Rs. 1,70,000 (tentative as on 2024). This fees is inclusive of hostel, food and all other charges. There is an increment of about 10% every years.

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